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I am a creative director and social content creator with a vast background in short-form content, and a focus on comedic, but impactful work. My background spans creating  short and long-form, comedic and dramatic, scripted and unscripted content for clients in all different sectors of business. I have managed teams, run writers rooms, and worked as a solo creator. I believe my professional background, in addition to my personal one (biracial, father of two, former college athlete, etc) allow me to bring a unique point of view to every project on which I work. Below are some samples of past work.


"Before ClickUp"

Writer / Producer

ClickUp is a productivity platform and project management software program that was looking to increase name recognition. With an upper funnel-type campaign we used comedy to highlight their fun, bold approach to improving work-life balance. The spot aired during the two-week network broadcasts of the Olympics on NBC.


"Good Morning Madness"

Creative Director / Writer

After creating an acclaimed “late night series for Moms” sponsored by Huggies (which aired on HULU), Eggo came to us (BDG Studios) to create a similar concept based around their products. I pitched, and then created a fake morning show, hosted by a busy mom and dad, and filmed out of their kitchen each day. This is episode four of four.

Greenlight | Fatherly

"Raising Financially Smart Teens"

Writer / Director

Greenlight is a banking/investing app for kids and teens. They partnered with to create a familial and uplifting video that broke down the barriers that stop people from discussing personal finance, especially when it comes to educating their kids. The spot stars former NFL star and entrepreneur Bart Scott and his son.


"A Beautiful Mojo"

Creative Director / Writer / Director

Mojo is a one-of-a-kind “sports stock market”, who was looking to convert the typical sports gambling clientele, while also distinguishing themselves from the basic fantasy sports market. I was brought on to create a six-episode campaign, focusing on introducing the Mojo brand, as well as concisely explaining the features in a fan-friendly way.


"Defying Expectations"

Writer / Producer

To launch their new product, Cheez-It Puff’d, the company came to us (BDG Studios) to build anticipation with BDG’s parenting brands, and we created the “Defying Expectations” campaign. Using a somewhat overt integration, we had fun playing with a heightened reality while also positioning Cheez-It Puff’d as a gateway snack to defying expectations in our everyday lives.


"The Dad Who Got It All Done"


Kroger grocery stores were looking to capture a larger market share with the parent demographic. This was a cross-platform campaign with well-known national parenting brands Scary Mommy and The Dad.

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